Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Marine Electric

The Marine Electric are an indie/pop-punk band out of Brooklyn. This is pretty much Braid meets Hot Water Music. With that being said you should download this right now. Head West is the bands most recent effort but they are releasing a new demo fairly soon. They have a new song from said demo up on their myspace so be sure to check that out! They're going on tour soon so be sure to check their dates out and go to a show!


Head West

Ghost Patrol

Saltwater Ties

Monday, July 12, 2010


Sorry about not posting recently! Ross and I have been working on something and you should be very into it. I'll say some more about that another time though. This is Dinomania, they now go by the name Comfort Clouds and just released their first LP. Kevin from circling the drain told me about them. They're a two-piece out of Akron, Ohio...home of LeBron James. The player we had for previewing tracks is no longer available so until that's back I'll just post myspace links.


Text Messages EP