Thursday, November 19, 2009

Maps & Atlases

This was a request. You know how some bands played a major role in getting you into punk? This band got plenty of people into math rock.

Maps & Atlases - You And Me And The Mountain

Trees, Swallows, Houses

You And Me And The Mountain


"Annabel is an indie-rock band from Kent, Ohio. The band was formed in late 2004 by brothers Andy and Ben Hendricks. Scotty Moses was recruited in early 2007 on bass and the band soon released two self-produced EP’s that year. Often tagged as a brand of “indie-pop,” the band relies on a “post-punk” delivery often ingesting “post-rock” or “shoegaze” aesthetics."

Really good stuff. REALLY GOOD!

Each and Everyone

Beach Fossils

I first heard of Beach Fossils when i went to see Wavves play with Zach Hill about two months ago. I think it started off as the solo jams of Dustin Payseur and now they are a full band. I'm posting yet another 3 song post since Beach Fossils doesn't officially have anything out. They are releasing a demo and an LP sometime soon though. Demo is going to be out on Captured Tracks and the LP is going to be on Woodsist. Maybe i have that mixed up. Whatever they have some really catchy riffs and some great lo-fi vocals. Enough rambling, download this and love it.

Beach Fossils - Daydream


Fluffy Lumbers

I finally hunted it down! For fans of musical projects such as Beach Fossils or Wavves, allow me to introduce you (if you have not already been introduced) to Fluffy Lumbers. Such good lo-fi stuff. I am not sure how long this will be up for. Get it while you can!

Fluffy Lumbers

The Caution Children

The Caution Children are an ambient/screamo band out of Florida. They're pretty new to me but I've really been appreciating both of their albums lately. Check it out.


Lion of The North

Lion of The North are a screamo band I've been into for a while now but unfortunately they are no longer together. A few of the members went on to be in Grown Ups. Anyways, they came up on my shuffle today and I realized that I still really like them and if you guys aren't aware of this band you should surely enjoy this.

The Compass Calls
Split w/ Mans

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Everyone Everywhere

In case you haven't heard of these guys already, Everyone Everywhere is an indie/pop punk sounding band out of Philly. Some very cool stuff on both of these albums.

A Lot of Weird People Standing Around

Lenguas Largas

Lenguas Largas is a 5 piece band out of Arizona. They play some sweet summery jawns, all they have out now is a 3 song 7" but it's killer. Can't wait to get the rest of their stuff on hard copy.

I Feel

Right Away, Great Captain

Well, to reiterate what Zach posted a long time ago with a new addition. Right Away, Great Captain! is brilliant music to just relax to. All of it is really spectacular and the newest album from this project is called, "The Eventually Home." Very unique good stuff. Check here for the first album, "The Bitter End."

The Eventually Home

James Dean

James Dean were a 4 piece screamo band out of Australia that broke up in February of 2008. If you haven't heard these guys then you should definitely get into it.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Birth Screams

Another band that is no longer together out of New Jersey that I was tipped off about. These guys also played screamo and some good stuff at that. Check it out.

Birth Screams

Remember Van Gogh

I was tipped off about these guys and I'm not disappointed, this is a 6-piece screamo band from Montclair from a few years back, I don't believe they're still together but when they were they made some really cool stuff.